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If you are in the retail business having credit card processing machines can help retain your customer base.


Tips For Good Credit
Article of the Week - Students and Credit Cards
Maintaining a good credit rating is easier than you think. But there are some things that you should know that will help aid you in this very important and ongoing process. The following are some tips from that we definitely feel will help you.Read the full story!

Aspire Visa Card
Aspire Visa Card

If you have bad credit and want the best chance of getting approved for another credit card then this is the card for you!

Intro APR: 19.75% Ongoing APR: 19.75%
Annual Fee: $ 75 Credit Limit: N/A

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Chase Platinum Student Card
Chase Platinum Student Card

The best credit card for students by far!
Offers a lower APR than any other student card.
Become Platinum as a student!

Intro APR: 5.99% Ongoing APR: 14.24%
Annual Fee: $ 0 Credit Limit: $4000

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Credit Cards can be used to repair credit if you use the credit cards properly. A lot of people
with bad credit think they can get approved for credit cards and they keep applying, not
knowing if you keep applying for credit cards it will hurt your credit also. If you are the type
of person who has bad credit, haven't paid off the majority of your balance for your last credit
card (which probably gave you bad credit), and keep getting declined by credit cards, there is
still hope for you! You should definately apply for one of the guaranteed approval credit cards in
Bad / No Credit Section.

homeowners mortgage
Choose from several refinance home loans and equity loans from an industry leader even if your credit is less than perfect.

Even though these credit cards cost usually $89.95 to open up an account and they aren't
major credit cards (such as Visa, Discover, etc.) so you can't use them at your local store,
it's still ok because with these credit cards you can still buy things such as electronics
& jewelry, computers, and much more. What makes these credit cards really great is that you
can have a credit limit of up to $5000, there is no credit check or job check, and you are
guaranteed approval. Plus the credit cards report to major credit bureasto help improve your
credit! For more information about these credit cards check out the
Bad / No Credit Section
and start improving your credit with these guaranteed approval credit cards today!

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Don't keep applying if you're declined. Too many applications will guarantee you to get declined. Creditors look on your report to see how many times you've applied. Pick the ones you think you can really get approved for.

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