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College Students
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Article 1 You are 18 years old and it's time to go off to college. There will be plenty of things to experience while you are there, you will go to parties, you will meet new friends, you will study more than you have ever studied in your life, and you will begin to establish your brand new credit! This can seem to be a very complicated thing, but in actuality it can be a very simple subject. How you treat it in your few years in college can affect the rest of your life. Read this article so that you can prevent some simple mistakes and make the rest of your life a bit easier. Read the full story!

First Premier Bank
First Premier Bank Gold

Don't have good credit? First PREMIER Bank has helped over 2 million people re-establish theirs, let them help you too!

Intro APR, Ongoing APR,
Annual Fee, Creditline: See Terms

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Chase Platinum
Chase Student Platinum

The best choice for students! Offers a low apr, good protection, and nice purchase limit

Intro APR: 5.99% Ongoing APR: 14.24% Annual Fee: $ 0 Creditline: $4000

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Secured Cards
What exactly does "secured" mean? What makes it so different? Is it hard or is it easy to get approved for? What are other ways it can help me out? If you are like most people you don't know the answer to all of those questions or you aren't completely sure how they can help you out. Find all the answers to your questions. Learn more now! Secured
Tips For Good Credit
Are you trying to maintain it? Are you trying to establish it? Or maybe you are trying to rebuild it? You probably are one of these 3 types of people but don't know where to start. In all honesty the majority of Americans don't have a low 3.5% apr and a creditline of $100,000. We have great hints for you to get rid of your terrible credit and get back on track. Read the full story!
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You don't have good credit and you keep getting declined over and over. This is the truth
for a lot of people so they will keep trying to apply over, not knowing too many
applications will have a bad influence on them. If this describes your own situation right now and you also
haven't paid off the majority of your balance from other creditlines you received, you
usually make late payments, and keep getting declined, there is still hope for you! You can
still get guaranteed approval and start to rebuild. You can find how here at EliteCreditCards.com

Even though to get guaranteed approval it can cost $89.95 to open up an account and
you can't use them at your local store like Visa, Discover, and Mastercards.
But it's still ok because they allow you to still buy things such as electronics, jewelry,
computers, and much more. What makes them really great is that you can have a creditline
of up to $5000, there is no background or job check, and you are guaranteed approval.
Plus they also report to major bureas and have a 0% APR so you payoff no interest
rates! If you want guaranteed approval you can get more info in our Bad / No Credit Section and
start improving yours and get guaranteed approval today!

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Visa - Visa is the world's most widely used form of "plastic" payment. From December
2000 to now there has been more than $1.8 trillion in products and services purchased
using different forms of Visa's. In the world today there actually are more than 1
billion different forms of Visa's today. Visa's are also accepted in more than 28
million locations in over 150 countries worldwide.

Mastercard - MasterCard International is a global payments company with one of the
most recognized and respected brands in the world. Maestro and Cirrus are both
trademarks of Mastercard. There are approximately 25,000 Mastercard, Cirrus, and
Maestro users worldwide. Mastercard also serves consumers and businesses both large
and small in 210 different countries. They also offer a wide range of payment
solutions in virtual and traditional worlds. There are now 32.8 million acceptance
locations in the world.

Discover - Discover Financial Services offers an array of financial services and
have more than 50 million cardmembers worldwide. They also have more than 4 million
merchant and cash access locations that all accept Discover. They have a well
trusted name and is a business unit of Morgan Stanley. Discover also offers services
that some might not be too familiar with such as Discovers CDs, Money Market Account,
auto insurance, and home loans.

American Express - When you think of American Express you are probably like millions
of others who think of prestige. If you carry an American Express Card it's considered
that you must have power. One reason this is true is because the majority of people
also believe that you must payoff your balance completely every month with no
exceptions. That is no longer true, they have products now where you can keep your
balance and pay interest rates just like the other merchants as well as the cards
that are paid in full every month.


Visa MasterCards
American Express Discover

Don't keep applying if you're declined. Too many applications will guarantee you to get declined. Creditors look on your report to see how many times you've applied. Pick the ones you think you can really get approved for.

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