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August 25th 2003

Online Shopping Tips

Author: Justin Shipley

When shopping online you must use some basic knowledge and common sense on where to use your credit card. We will give you a couple of pointers of where to use your credit card and where not to use your credit card.

*Use your credit card on sites that are SSL encrypted. To make this simple it basically means when you are sending your information across the net, it encrypts that message so that hackers across the way can’t steal your information. If they aren’t SSL encrypted, do not give out personal information.

*Be VERY careful of any email that wants you to enter your personal information into fields that are sent to you. A lot of these people use large companies like Ebay and Paypal to mask what they are doing. They will say something like “We are updating our Ebay servers and need you to verify your credit card. Please enter it in here.” Do not do that, if you do they will have all of your information and you will be out of luck.

*If you feel uncomfortable about using your credit card on a particular site then don’t do it. All major sites give you all the information to make sure you are comfortable in using your credit card. Also they will always have people for you to talk to just in case you don’t feel comfortable. So if a website doesn’t make you feel comfortable then they don’t need your business.

*If you are calling in a order make sure you know who you are talking to. Just because they have a website doesn’t mean they are a real business. Or just because they answer their phone with a business name doesn’t mean they are a real business. Try not to give out your personal information over the phone.

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